Permaculture Design & Consultation


raised planter boxes, with walkways and benches



Mini Excavation in close quarters


terraced ponds with solar pump

terraced ponds with solar pump

One response to “Permaculture Design & Consultation

  1. Hi Mateo, Asia at one willow apothecaries gave me your info. I emailed her with interest in entering the herb world. At the moment, I am volunteering for an NGO called Fertile Ground. It is a demonstration garden located in Digboi, India. Here we are teaching local farmers about traditional farming practices and trying to get them back to organic and away from chemical use.
    I have a deep appreciation for the land and want to be able to connect with it as deeply as possible. The next step for me to do this is to better understand the plants that are growing on this beautiful planet.
    I am emailing to see if you would be open to trading knowledge for labor. I am a hard worker with deep passion. You can respond to me here or at my email, I sent you a facebook message as well. I couldn’t find your email.
    many blessings,

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